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    About Us

    Your #1 Source for Supplies & Advice on Everything CLEAN!

    When it comes to supplies or equipment needed for your office or facility, who better to trust than the cleaning professionals. Being in the industry for over 30 years has given us quite an advantage. Not only do we sell the products, but our service professionals use them every day! We know what works and what doesn’t. Providing the optimal supply solutions for your specific industry is what we do best.


    How it Began

    For over 30 years, TLC Janitorial hasmaintained its position as the area’s leader in providing professional cleaning services. Phyllis Gamble began her first cleaning service in 1985. She ran the business from her home, generating proposals and invoices on a typewriter, while sitting at her dining room table. She did the contract work herself, with a single cleaning bucket and a vacuum. Phyllis’s hard work and dedication got the job done, but it was her Tender Loving Care that became the cornerstone of her success–she always treated the client’s home and property as if it was her own. Phyllis and husband Vin Gamble have maintained the hands-on, customer-service-oriented approach with every aspect of the company’s operation. To complement their janitorial services, they expanded into janitorial supply distribution, offering customers further value and industry expertise. Today, TLC operates from their headquarters in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Sons, Vinnie and Mike, joined the team early on and continue to have a direct influence on TLC’s direction and new opportunities, never losing sight of the company’s core philosophies. It’s for these reasons TLC has maintained a strong course, delivering their services and products with a Tender Loving Care approach.